Introducing our Asia Specialists

A passion for travel runs through our entire business. You would expect our reservation consultants to be well travelled but each and every one of us has travel in our blood. The company makes sure all its staff experience the tours for themselves, so we can offer that personal level of advice and service. So when you contact Wendy Wu Tours, whoever you speak to, you’ll receive the expertise you would expect from the UK’s leading Asia travel specialist.

Have a read below at some of our own travel highlights and tips. 

Rowan Goldthorp

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India

I travelled to Thailand with my backpack at 17 and since then I have been hooked on Asia. I find that when you’re travelling, the best moments are the unexpected ones; and for me that includes racing through Hanoi on a moped, dancing in a monsoon on the Khao San Road, singing Lady Gaga in a K-Box in Xian, getting sprayed with water by an elephant in Kerala, and making friends for life in a casino in Macau… the list goes on. I’ve been very lucky to work in a role where I can plan exciting adventures for others and my advice to anyone who is worried about travelling somewhere new or different – don’t be. Just have an open mind, go with the flow and never hesitate to take opportunities that come along; it always pays off.


Tom Cranshaw

China, Thailand, Vietnam

Asia has always played an important role in my family. My grandfather was stationed in Japan after World War 2; my father spent his childhood in Singapore and my sister studied Thai at university and spent a year living in Bangkok. Following suit, I studied Chinese at university and had the fortune of living in Beijing for a year. Having such awe-inspiring attractions such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall on my doorstep was a mesmerising experience and when not studying, I would take any opportunity to really get under the skin of this imperial capital: dining on local delicacies, relaxing in the hutongs or cycling round the Olympic Village. Whilst in China, I travelled extensively, spending time in Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu and even Urumqi where I stayed with a host family during the Chinese New Year – a truly once in a lifetime experience. I have also had the fortune of travelling to Thailand and Vietnam, two fast-paced colourful destinations which expose you to the unique destination of South East Asia.


Ben Briggs

After working in the travel industry for the last 15 years, I have been very lucky to visit some of the most incredible places all over the world. But right at the top of all these experiences sits the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. We awoke at 430am to catch the sunrise before the crowds. It was truly a mystical experience as the sun rose steadily over the huge sandstone temple, it felt like I was in a movie set, yet this was the real thing. An incredible experience in an incredible part of the world!


Laurence Hicks

I have worked in various sectors of the travel industry for nearly 30 years in a variety of roles. In recent years, I have had the good fortune to travel on numerous occasions to China visiting all the key destinations as well as getting off the beaten track and last year I spent some time both personal and on business in Vietnam and Cambodia. Being a great rugby fan, I have attended the last two Rugby 7’s World Series in Hong Kong and have also stopped over in Singapore and Bangkok a few times. I just love South East Asia and never tire of returning to visit the region where you are always extend such a warm welcome and where you can explore and appreciate new and diverse cultures. If you asked me which were my favourite destinations in the region I would say a tie between the stunningly beautiful Jiuzhaigou (9 Villages Valley) located north of the Sichuan province and the ancient coastal town Hoi An located on Vietnam’s central coast.


Daniela Albano

China, Thailand, Japan

Having spent my childhood exploring the length and breadth of Italy, I was eager to see the rest of the world as an adult. Once I graduated, I ensured that any travels were too far flung places around the globe. So far, Asia is my favourite destination to travel to. The culture, food, and scenery are all very different depending on the country you visit but the one thing they have in common is how different they are to the Western world. Highlights have been volunteering in an elephant orphanage in Thailand, exploring the beautiful shrines and skyscrapers of Japan and trekking the Great Wall of China. I live and breathe travel, and am planning on visiting Vietnam and Cambodia next year.


Tania Stalley

Since my first trip to Indonesia in 2002 I’ve had the travel bug. Indonesia was soon followed by Thailand, then Europe, and then more of South East Asia. I’ve volunteered in Cambodia and Nepal and my most recent trip was to Japan this year – a definite highlight of my travels. Working in the travel industry and being part of other people’s travel experiences is a great thing as there’s a whole world out there for those who want to see.


Nicci Hawkins

My very first taste of travel was a trip through China, Tibet and Nepal when I was 18 and it hooked me for life. As much as I’ve been around the world, I always end up back in Asia – China twice, Southeast Asia three times, India once and I constantly dream of more (working here helps!) - the sheer variety of sights, culture, lovely open people, food and adventure is too much to resist. Where else can you see some of the world’s most beautiful structures (Taj Mahal, Angkor, Great Wall), before slurping noodles at a street stool and flopping on a paradise beach a day later? My favourite place is Angkor without a doubt. For a little girl who harboured dreams of becoming Indiana Jones when she grew up, nowhere has ever inspired such joy, wonder and excitement than these mysterious temples.


Vicki Swaby

I have worked in travel for over 12 years as I wanted to learn about the world. I have always had a passion for experiencing new places and cultures and I have been lucky enough to experience several fantastic destinations at Wendy Wu Tours. My personal favourites are Vietnam and Cambodia. The stunning scenery, vast history and friendly welcoming people will always be a treasured memory. I love being able to pass on my experiences to our customers and give them friendly hints and tips for them to take with them on their trip, for instance if you have some time in Hoi An why not hire a bike and cycle to the beach for a nice relaxing day, just taking in the scenery.


Emily Andrews

From an early age, I’d been interested in travelling the world and exploring new places and cultures, which is why I decided to study Travel & Tourism Marketing at University and then continue this path with my career. After completing my degree, I decided to take some time out with a 6 month trip to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, which I’ll certainly never forget! In particular, Thailand was absolutely stunning; especially their beaches and crystal clear seas! Their culture is fascinating too – one so different from ours. This has only made my passion for travel even bigger and I’m forever taking city breaks and holidays with my time off! But what’s really topped off my travel experiences is my recent trip to China, visiting Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo and Beijing. There were SO many highlights, but for me, visiting the Great Wall and walking 1,800 steps up to the top of the section was absolutely brilliant.


Matt Cobley

After working at Wendy Wu Tours for over a year, I had a fantastic opportunity to visit China by travelling with fellow passengers on the Glories of China Group Tour. I was lucky enough to visit Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Xian and Beijing. It was a jam-packed tour that allowed me to see all the iconic sights with excellent guides and a fabulous group. I liked that I got to see rural China as well as the big cities, and to walk along the Great Wall of China was my absolute highlight. I’ve always travelled independently and never in a group however I really enjoyed travelling with a group and the guide made us feel like a little family! I’d recommend China to everyone!


Melissa Morisson

I am lucky enough to have been introduced to the wonderful world of travel from an early age, and now I well and truly have the travel-bug! I’ve been to around 30 different countries so far, including much of Western Europe, but also North America, Africa and Asia. My interest in travel has led me to study for an MSc in International Tourism and Hospitality Management, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Where my passion truly lies however, is in Japan and Asia. My undergraduate degree was in Japanese Studies, and as a result I spent a year living on Japan’s southernmost island - Kyushu. I have also had the chance to visit China on a couple of occasions, as well as South Korea. The list of places I am yet to explore is longer than my arm, and no doubt I will find more and more as time goes on!


Daniella Wigley

I had never left Australia until I started working for Wendy Wu Tours. The day I landed a job with the company I was told that if I didn’t have a passport I would have to get one ASAP as we were off on a trip to Bangkok in 4 weeks. Since being with the company all I have done is travel and mainly through Asia (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong) on both work and personal trips. Out of everywhere in Asia that I have visited, the destinations that stole my heart are Vietnam and India. Both are beautiful and memorable destinations, and I would highly recommend that everyone should visit when they can.


Brian Hynes

Travel is in my blood. As soon as I left school I started working for a Travel Agent and instantly loved it. I have now been in the travel industry for 16 years and my passion for travel has grown and grown. I have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places around the world – not only for my job but also for my holidays too. One of my personal highlights so far has been floating in my own infinity pool on the private Cambodian Island of Song Saa. I enjoy travelling all over the world but I do love USA and try to visit at least once a year. In my role as operations manager I love challenges and solving problems and making the seemingly impossible, possible!


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